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THE Ocean STUDIO Artisan Kassity Allison

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my online studio. My name is Kassity Allison. I am grateful that you are here. I am excited to be able to share my work with you and hope you enjoy your visit. I am a fulltime artist where you can find me mostly in my home studio. I am an artist with a passion for my work as are so many other talented artists. So what makes me different than other artists? Why would you be interested in my work? Well, I hope it is my style and possibly something resonates inside you when you see my work. That is really all I can ask for. I believe that art is truly for the soul and it will make itself known when it is right for you. If my work speaks to you and you are interested in my work, I am looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my work with you would be a great privilege. 


Best Regards KA



                             Artist Statement                     


 Sculpture Artisan Kassity Allison is one of the most interesting and exciting new sculpture artists because of the astounding realism and beauty in her sculptures and her scope of talent. Allison creates her pieces with love and passion, even the beauty shines through her male figures. She does the finest realistic male sculptured figures, she can equally create women, children, and fantasy of all kinds. These pieces of figurative art are the expression of Kassity's passion she has for the creative arts. She immerses herself body and soul to create the ultimate figurative art that has been growing from within her creative imagination. By the time she sets out to begin her art pieces, she has already visualized them from beginning to end a complete piece, including every last detail and challenge, before she attempts to touch the first piece of clay or the first cut into the fabric.

 Each figurative sculpture is as important as the next. Each with their own souls and personalities, Allison has captured the enlightenment and spirit of true doll making! Allison's vision is that many of her figurative pieces adorn the homes and be received by many with hospitality and continue to be appreciated by all those who view them. Her sculptures include human character figures, dragons, fantasy sculptures, and fairy sculptures and many more. She does admit her deep passion is creating elderly figurative sculptures. Allison says that she finds the texture of the skin is a glimpse into the years of wisdom of the character she is creating and she can get lost in the lines and wrinkles that tell the true stories. Allison's areas in the art field included sculpting, painting, concept design, character design, and a few other areas in the field.


 Her Artist philosophy: "My artist philosophy? Namely, do I have one? Well, I’ve had many. Which, if I think about it, is as it should be. "With great passion comes great responsibility." who said that? I don't know other than the Spider-man movie. As creative professionals, we must remain open-minded and forever teachable. For us artists, one-way streets are typically dead ends. The right brain (creativity) and the left brain (professional). Therefore, any philosophy I have must strike a balance between creative passion and responsibility. My passion is my art and my professional responsibility is to my collectors. My reward is when someone looks at my creations and smiles, all is well in the world."


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I'M Here To Make Your Inspiration Come to Life! 
  • Kassity Allison has been working as an artist for over 40 years she has been successful in commissions of all kinds in her field of art with an ethical and professional collaboration between the Collector and the Artist for great success. If you have an idea you would like brought to life we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by using the contact form or email the artist directly. 





 Salem, Oregon 





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